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Heart Necklaces

The classic heart2heart necklace
The only constant in all our necklaces is the hand-crafted trade-mark ceramic heart. Fine workmanship, attention to detail and unique design go without saying. 
  • Necklaces are available in 45cm, 75cm and 1m lengths
  • Available colours include black, grey, navy, purple, pink, green, brown, blue, red and white. Match your eyes or your outfit. 
  • Chain necklaces of various lengths and thicknesses are also available. 
Hearts on blue or navy strings Hearts on black leather or strings Hearts on red strings

Floating necklaces. 
  • At 40cm long these fit snuggly around the neck.
  • Lovely silver or diamante trinkets are floated on waxed cotton or thin chain.  
Floating necklaces on chain Floating hearts on chains Floating hearts on waxed cotton