About heart2heart

Heart2heart was established in late 2011 with a vision to support a local charity. Beautiful hand-crafted ceramic hearts are combined with various trinkets, pearls, crystals or beads to produce an array of exquisite necklaces, decorations and mobiles. Using waxed cotton, leather, suede, velvet or satin ribbon, each finely crafted item is completely unique.

Who we are

The two founder members of this small but growing enterprise are Frances Ridl and Frederike Macquet-Visser, who hail from Drummond and Hillcrest respectively. Heart2heart answered a need in both of us to be creative and productive while at the same time putting something back into our local communities. 

A portion of the proceeds are donated to the the Thokomala and Kwamzamo children's homes in KZN, South Africa

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